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Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipsticks

Introducing the latest array of lip launches that have graced the beauty scene this year, and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying the abundance of options! Today, I will be delving into the captivating new range of Hollywood Beauty Icon shades, as well as exploring other recent releases from the esteemed brand, Charlotte Tilbury.

Let's start with the Hollywood Beauty Icon KISSING Lipstick Formula, a true standout in this collection. Joining this exciting lineup are the brand new Lip Cheat Lip Liners, as well as the mesmerizing Rocket Girl, and the highly anticipated eyeshadow palette named Queen of Luck.

On the esteemed date of January 29, 2024, Charlotte Tilbury unveiled their all-new Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipsticks, which have been causing quite a buzz among beauty enthusiasts.

Within this assortment, I am delighted to introduce five enchanting KISSING Lipstick shades that evoke a touch of neutral pink or rose upon application. Please bear in mind that the undertone may vary depending on factors such as skin tone, skin undertone, and lip tone. While red shades were also part of the launch, I personally didn't indulge, as I rarely adorn my lips with such hues.

It is worth noting that these new shades possess a cooler-toned essence compared to the brand's other neutral options. However, in my opinion, they still fall squarely within the neutral category. The only exception arises in the form of Red Carpet Pink, which, on my lips, exudes a truly cool-toned aura.

Each of the KISSING Lipsticks boasts a lustrous satin finish, imparting a soft sheen upon application. With their creamy texture and medium to full coverage, these lipsticks provide a comfortable and luxurious wearing experience. Their longevity aligns with the brand's high standards, offering considerable staying power, albeit without being entirely transfer-proof. I must mention the delightful metallic pink packaging, which adds a touch of whimsy to these lipsticks!

First in line is con Baby, a delightful neutral light pink infused with a subtle shimmer. Though the shimmer is barely noticeable once applied on my lips, it does lend a hint of dimension. A slight texture can be detected within the tube, likely attributed to the shimmer, but this sensation dissipates upon application.

Next up is Candy Chic, a playful neutral-warm pink reminiscent of the classic Barbie aesthetic, albeit with a dash of warmth.

Making a notable impression is Red Carpet Pink, a captivating cool-toned pale pink cream. Strangely, it exudes a bright and warm aura in stock photos and on models, which took me by surprise. However, I acknowledge that individual coloring plays a significant role in how this shade is perceived.

Lastly, we have 90's Pink, an alluring neutral mauve rose pink hue that embodies a distinct nostalgic charm. Its undertones lean towards a harmonious fusion of pink and rose shades.

In conclusion, the range of Hollywood Beauty Icon Lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury exhibits an exquisite amalgamation of shades and finishes that caters to diverse preferences. Whether you seek a neutral, cool-toned, or even a nostalgic shade, this collection offers a kaleidoscope of options that are bound to captivate the discerning lipstick enthusiast.

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