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Look Younger Than Your Age With Gua Sha

Look Younger Than Your Age With Gua Sha

Having been a skeptic of trendy beauty products in the past, I can confidently affirm that I have finally discovered one that lives up to its reputation, and it won't be discarded anytime soon. Moreover, this particular method has roots in traditional Chinese medicine, spanning centuries.

Known as gua sha and often hailed as nature's botox, this technique involves the use of a jade stone to enhance blood flow, reduce swelling, and stimulate lymphatic drainage, thus aiding in clearing facial congestion. The term "Gua" translates to "scrape," while "Sha" denotes the mark left on the skin post-scraping. Essentially, this process triggers a mild immune response by inducing a localized skin irritation.

Advantages of Gua Sha

Below are some potential benefits that come with incorporating gua sha into your routine.

1. Diminishes puffiness: By utilizing the edge of the gua sha tool, one can gently guide lymphatic fluid and other factors contributing to puffiness toward the lymph nodes, effectively reducing puffiness. Studies have demonstrated that this simple technique enhances the skin's immune response and boosts blood circulation in the treated area.
2. Alleviate tension: Facial tension, mainly concentrated around the jawline, can be significantly reduced through regular gua sha practice. This method not only aids in relieving headaches and stress but also helps in easing tension-related issues.
3. Eases discomfort: Gua sha has exhibited efficacy in managing low back pain and surpasses using a heating pad for chronic neck pain relief.
4. Improves circulation: A few gentle strokes across the face can result in a visibly rosy complexion, signifying improved circulation. Enhanced blood flow brings essential nutrients and oxygen to the targeted area, facilitating lymphatic drainage.

Incorporating Gua Sha into your skincare routine

Experts recommend incorporating gua sha into a freshly cleansed face. To prevent bacterial spread and skin irritation, it is vital to avoid scraping on unclean skin. Additionally, using facial oil can aid in the smooth gliding of the stone and protect the skin.

For individuals seeking relief from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), placing the cold gua sha between the jaw opening area is advised. Since the jaw muscle is one of the strongest in the body and seldom receives massage, targeting this region can help alleviate TMJ issues. Daily massages of one minute per side are recommended, as excessive pressure may lead to soreness.

The importance of incorporating essential oils into your routine.
Reasons to Utilize Essential Oils:

To enhance skin softness and firmness, consider incorporating essential oils such as carrot seed and neroli, known for their beneficial properties. Chamomile provides a calming effect, while sandalwood alleviates irritation. Blend one or two of the recipes below and apply them onto the skin using a roller bottle. Gently massage the oils into the skin using a gua sha stone to help them absorb better and improve blood circulation for a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Be creative in mixing and matching essential oils based on their specific benefits within these formulations. The selection of individual oils can vary, but the basic equipment remains consistent:

Combine oils directly into the base of your roller bottles, reattach the roller, and securely screw on the lid. Lightly shake the bottle to blend the oils before application. Target specific areas such as under the eyes, forehead, and fine lines, or apply more generously to moisturize general areas as needed.

Select the oil blend from the recipes below that best matches your unique skin type.

1. Anti-Aging Essential Oil Blend
This blend of oils is deeply moisturizing and helps counteract dryness caused by environmental stressors, especially as one age. Carrot seed oil, rich in vitamin A, possesses calming and purifying properties. Studies have shown the positive effects of neroli oil on irritated skin. Grapeseed and sandalwood oils contain fatty acids and antioxidants that shield the skin from pollution and environmental damage.

- 2 tablespoons Grapeseed Oil
- 10 drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil
- 4 drops Sandalwood Oil Blend
- 5 drops Neroli Oil Blend

2. Hydrating Essential Oil Blend
Renowned for its moisturizing properties, almond oil is a key ingredient in this blend. Rosehip oil, rich in fatty acids, helps soothe the skin and shields against oxidative stress. Jasmine oil, an additional antioxidant, not only provides protection but also offers a delightful fragrance.

- 2 tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil
- 7 drops Rose Hip Seed Oil
- 3 drops Cedarwood Oil
- 5 drops Jasmine Absolute Oil Blend

For optimum results, Nacharel suggests incorporating the gua sha technique into your skincare routine 2-3 times weekly.

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