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Summer Skincare Routine You Need for Radiant Skin

Summer Skincare Routine You Need for Radiant Skin

Transitioning from the changing weather, it is about time to begin organizing your summer skincare regimen. Whether you prefer to keep it simple or delve into a more intricate routine is entirely up to you (or your dermatologist). The options among skincare brands are abundant, as are the various product categories available. Do you truly require an essence, serum, and lotion for your skin? How many types of facial masks should you incorporate? And is it necessary for each skin type to include a product from every category? Two dermatologists assist us in navigating the summer skincare regimen.

Could an elaborate summer skincare regimen hold the key to achieving radiant, healthy skin?

According to Kanika Gangahar, the founder of Nacharel, "Although a comprehensive skincare routine may encompass a range of categories, the products you select should be tailored to meet your skin requirements and objectives." A straightforward yet regular routine proves to be more effective than an extensive one that fails to address your specific skin type and concerns. Nonetheless, it is crucial to pay attention to the signals your skin sends you over time, influenced by factors such as your age, genetic predispositions, environmental conditions, and lifestyle choices, among others.

Categorizing skin types serves as a basic tool to comprehend the needs of our skin. For beginners, identifying their skin type can serve as a starting point for selecting skincare products. However, beyond that initial step, each addition of a skincare product to your routine should be based on how your skin responds to it, any reactions it may have, and the benefits or drawbacks you notice. This accumulated knowledge and insight enable you to construct a personalized skincare routine that is optimal for you. Keep in mind that skincare routines are not static and are expected to evolve.


Irrespective of your skin type, what are the essential components of your skincare regimen?

Previously heralded as the quintessential routine, CTM (Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer) may not necessarily be vital for every skin type. "A fundamental routine should encompass a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Further adjustments can be made based on your skin type and objectives," recommends Kanika. Moreover, be patient and do not anticipate immediate miraculous results or finding your perfect routine on the first attempt. "Changes in your skin require time to manifest. Allow your routine a few weeks before expecting significant improvements. Sun protection is a must, according to Kanika, as it is crucial in preventing sun damage, a major contributor to skin pigmentation issues common among Indians. Finding the right sunscreen might take some trial and error, but it's worth the effort since it's a daily necessity. Zinc sunscreens are recommended for oily skin, while silicone-based ones may not be suitable. Chemical sunscreens with advanced filters should be used and rotated to minimize long-term exposure risks.

Incorporating the correct skincare products for your skin type involves some key tips. An anti-pigmentation product is essential for all, given the natural aging process of the skin. Tailoring products to your specific skin needs, such as using retinol on oily areas and moisturizer on dry parts, is crucial. Avoid common mistakes like using certain products at the wrong time of day or layering products excessively, as this can lead to skin irritation. Different rules apply to different skin types, so it's important to follow guidelines for optimal results.

For those with dry skin, it's advisable to steer clear of harsh exfoliators, toners that may cause dryness and clay masks. Adjust your cleansing routine based on your environment, using a mild cleanser indoors and a stronger one outdoors to combat pollution-related skin issues. Acne-prone individuals should opt for cleansers containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, non-comedogenic moisturizers, and targeted acne treatments for effective skincare management.

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