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Tips to Keep Your Nails Stain-Free While Embracing Cultural Eating Habits

Tips to Keep Your Nails Stain-Free While Embracing Cultural Eating Habits

It's interesting how the stronger my connection to my cultural practices grows, the more visible the stains on my nails become. While there's nothing wrong with flaunting spice-infused nails, I was eager to maintain the pristine look of my classic white French manicure.


I initially turned to my circle of friends for advice. Many of them, who also indulge in hands-on eating for cultural reasons, shared that they simply try their best to physically remove the stains. However, they admitted that a shadow of discoloration often lingers despite their efforts. One friend even confessed to resorting to wearing latex gloves while preparing her beloved turmeric smoothie.


Seeking a more effective solution for all of us, I consulted with professional manicurists. They recommended a proactive approach for preventing stains, particularly when opting for a gel manicure: "When at the salon, request a non-wipe or non-cleanse top coat that is specially designed to repel stains," one manicurist advised. These specialized products, such as the CND Shellac No Wipe Top Coat, have a less porous texture, reducing the likelihood of pigment absorption, especially crucial for lighter shades like white.


In case of lingering stains on natural nails, the manicurist proposed using hydrogen peroxide – a common household staple. This solution helps to break down the chemical bonds causing discoloration: "Dip your nails in hydrogen peroxide for five minutes or less, then gently buff the nail surface with a 180 to 220 grit buffer, adjusting the grit based on the depth of the stains [opting for a lower grit for stubborn discoloration]." This technique is endorsed by a board-certified dermatologist specializing in nail care.

Additionally, in a pinch, you can utilize whitening toothpaste, as it contains hydrogen peroxide: "Apply a thin layer of whitening toothpaste to your nails and leave it on for 10 minutes. Gently scrub the nail surface with a nail brush or clean toothbrush before rinsing off the toothpaste.

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